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As a family-owned business having three generations of experience within the freight industry, we wish to extend that same family atmosphere to our clients, our employees and their, families. We know the value of a solid work ethic; we believe in strong family values. and we deliver on both.


We put the safety of our drivers, the public, and our customers' products first. Drivers go through pre-employment screening, safety training, and drug testing before being hired. Once hired, drivers are updated daily on safety issues. Our drivers watch and review safety videos monthly, and attend safety meetings quarterly. All of our equipment is inspected and serviced at regularly scheduled maintenance intervals either here (within our own in-house repair and inspection facility) or other officially designated facilities. We maintain an open door policy in which drivers and management freely discuss safety and other related issues.


Clients: If you want a carrier where you can speak with someone on a first-name basis, someone you can develop a personal relationship with, you will enjoy the personalized services we offer.  Never will you be made to feel as though you need to take-a-number-and-wait in order to explain the intricacies of hauling your goods or commodities with us. Consider Protected Cargo Transport for your hauling needs. Allow us the opportunity to prove to you what "Committed To Service" means to us. We believe you will feel at home here.


Drivers and Owner-Operators: We understand the difficulties you have in balancing your desire to provide a comfortable quality of life for your family against the time you spend away from them. Prolonged separation and the need to become reacquainted with your family on returning home is neither healthy, nor necessary. Like you, we are working folks with families too. We know each of our drivers personally and our commitment to work hard in helping you maximize your earning potential while increasing your home time is one we take seriously. Our open door policy ensures drivers and management are free to discuss scheduling needs at any time.  Contact us, or check out our employment page if you are looking for a carrier with year round work, competitive pay, generous home time and a family atmosphere.


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Being primarily a curtain-side fleet, Protected Cargo Transport utilizes 48’ & 53’ trailers to quickly and safely move short mileage loads.  Our trucks can go to a customer, load their cargo, and secure it in a third of the time required to load a regular flatbed.  This gets the load on the road quicker to the consignee.  We service LA, AR, MS, AL and East Texas with a group of trucks crisscrossing these states all week long.


Another group of curtain-sides haul special building material products leaving the LA, AR and MS areas weekly with loads bound for the east coast.  Once there, these trucks will often move short mileage loads for our customers before loading back towards LA.


In addition to our curtain-side fleet we also run standard 48’ & 53’ flatbed trailers.  These are utilized to haul commodities and products less suitable for curtain-side trailers.  All of our flatbed trailers are equipped with tarps and run the same areas as the curtain-side trailers. 


Some of the primary commodities we haul:


Softwood Lumber

Hardwood Lumber




Roofing / Siding Material

LVL (Laminated Veneer Lumber)

Palletized Goods

Rail Road Wheels

Rail Road Parts Used in Manufacturing of Rail Cars

Oilfield Valves and Supplies



Utility High-Line Supplies

We are always eager to hear from established and potential customers alike regarding their present and future transportation needs.  Call and let us prove to you why Protected Cargo Transport should be your first choice.


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Protected Cargo Transport has never lost sight of where we came from.  Honest people with a strong work ethic are essential in a company's future success.  We wish to share that with our employees and owner operators.  We value our employees and we are serious about our continued commitment to work hard for your future success.  Stop by and see us if you are in the neighborhood.  We are located on the Northbound side of I-49 at Exit 73.  Otherwise, call or email about a position with us.  Either way, chances are, you will find yourself at home with us.


Driver Application Package


We Offer:

Short Haul, Regional, and Long Haul

Generous Home Time

Curtainside or Flatbed

Percentage Pay

Sign On Pay

Referral Pay

For the Owner/Operator:

80% of Line Haul

100% of Fuel Surcharge

In House Repair/Service Shop

Fuel, Tires, Parts and Labor Discounts

Paid Liability and Cargo Insurance

Trailer Rental

In House Trailer Dealership for Trailer Purchase

W/C, P/D, Bobtail and Medical Insurance Available

Satellite Communication

For the Company Driver:

Generous Home Time

25% of Line Haul

Workers Comp

Medical Insurance Available

Assigned Truck and Trailer

Satellite Communication

Driver Qualifications:

Minimum 23 Years of Age

Must Possess Valid and Current CDL

Minimum 2 Years OTR Experience

Not More Than 3 Moving Violations Within Last 3 Years

Must Pass Mandatory Pre-Employment Physical and Drug Screening

Must Meet Company Requirements Per Previous Employment Screening

Must Meet Company Requirements Per Criminal History Screening


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Protected Cargo Transport, LLC

2671 E. Coulee Crossing Rd.

Woodworth, LA 71485

(800) 959-5529

FAX: (318) 443-8221

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